23andMe and Me

23andMe and Me

Recently I came to know about cool service 23andMe which allows you to map and interpret your DNA sequence.

This concept is quite novel to me as it allows you to visually read you DNA information without being nerdy medical scientist at all. As from their website, you can contact your possible relatives all across the world. Learn about your traits, habits and physical features - All fetched from DNA sample you submitted to them earlier. Ordering is quite straightforward too.

I think this would be a perfect gift for my beloved people. And I almost forgot to mention it, but this report also gives out the detailed analysis of possible future diseases and their possibility of it happening to you. Make or break kind of thing. But I am cool with it. At least I will see what's coming onto me in the future.

I would love to try this service out quickly, but $99 price tag is too much for me at this moment and I am not sure if it will be worthwhile for what I am looking for right now besides their novel approach of providing exciting genetic analytics information.

Plus, I am quite sure they provide plethora of other info, but first I will have a look at their Review section for a bit and then decide if it's worthy of try. (At least for me, if you think this product suites what you are looking for - Either your ancestry percentages or their ability to decode your physical characteristics just looking at the DNA)

Speaking of $99 and worthy of try, I am also looking forward to join Apple Developer Program. It's been dragging for quite a bit, but I hope to make these two purchases before this amazing year comes to an end!