Hello, I am Jayesh Kawli. I have been writing iOS applications for the last 9 years. During this time, I got a chance to work on iOS applications from various domains. Below is the list of all the apps I was responsible for developing and releasing in the app store.

Professional Experience

Tools4U app (iPhone)

A Nationwide Children's app for managing patients' medicines intake, reminders, and keeping track of their glucose level. The app was equipped with push notifications and reminders to let user remind of their pills intake throughout the day.

App also contained a formula for calculating whether the glucose has crossed the threshold or not. Besides these basic facilities, users also had access to medical content including but not limited to Diabetes overview, clinical visits, sick day protocol, and emergency situations.

Mountain Dog (iPhone)

A fitness app to track users' progress and guide them with daily exercises and food intake to help them meet their goals. Provided support to cache the exercise data so that app can run with no latency and without an active internet connection. Also added Apple push notification support to send workout and nutrition intake reminders periodically.

Nationwide MyChildren's App (iPhone/iPad)

An app for Nationwide Children's patients. The app was equipped with various features to help patients with their medical regimen and intake. It was integrated with in-app notifications for reminders and favorite items for easy access.

App also had the list of hospital locations in case of emergency, and live hours, and availability of urgent care and emergency centers. It also had a section for the list of available doctors and an offline health library to access medical content without an active internet connection.

Mount Carmel Health (iPhone)

An app for Mount Carmel health center to help with their medications and routine. Created modular journal components reusable across platforms. Developed and integrated components to allow users to record and keep track of daily medications

Also included push notifications support as a reminder for patients to take their prescriptions on time

Wayfair (iPhone / iPad)

Worked on the app with the world’s largest selection of home goods! Provided innovative new 3D View in Room feature that lets customers shop and compare like never before. Whether they are redoing an entire room, creating a wedding registry, or simply searching for a great deal, Wayfair makes shopping for your home easy and fun. Join millions of shoppers already using our app to:

  • Access Revolutionary New Features
  • Find the Personal Style
  • Effortlessly Create Your Dream Home

AllModern (iPhone / iPad)

Worked on the AllModern iOS app that makes shopping for a modern home easy and inspiring. Customers can quickly discover modern furniture and modern décor from industry icons, innovative upstarts, and every brand in between. App has the following features, including but not limited to

  • New in-app order tracking interface
  • Notification as soon as new sales start (at 12 pm EST every day)
  • A way to save, organize, and share all the customers' favorite finds
  • Simplified shopping with fast, mobile-optimized checkout

Joss & Main (iPhone / iPad)

Worked on the Joss & Main app where we believe that style makes customers unique. With this app, customers can save on furniture and decor when shopping for new arrivals, sales, and deals in the app.

  • Customers can browse thousands of shoppable rooms – living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more
  • Customers can make decorating lists to save their favorite finds
  • Preview products in their home (virtually!) with View in Room feature
  • Get exclusive offers and reminder notifications of significant sales

Facebook iOS Application (iPhone / iPad)

Worked on the world's no.1 and most famous social app. Worked on integrating features into a new app, improving the app size, and keeping track of dead code across millions of app files to trim down the size over time and improve the app quality.

Also led efforts towards cross-platform development and created new and reusable UI components that are shared across various teams

Instagram iOS application (iPhone)

Contributed towards optimizing the app in terms of startup time and reducing app size. Worked on internal Bloks framework to create reusable, modern, and cross-platform UI components and network service.

Worked with Instagram's well-being experiences team to develop a feature called as Account Status to give users correct details of the status of their account as well as to keep everyone safe and provide a pleasant experience on Instagram platform.

TripActions (iPhone)

I am currently working on the TripActions iOS app where we facilitate travel for business customers. I regularly communicate and coordinate with our clients, customers, team members, engineering managers, and department leads.

I am using Swift, SwiftUI, Combine, and Quick/Nimble framework to build quality-focused and reliable applications

  • In the past 1 year of being with the team, I have led and released some of the major features on the Trains platform. It includes trains cancellation, live exchange, seat maps selection, trip vouchers, and seat preferences
  • I also led the efforts to improve the app stability by exploring and integrating snapshot testing workflow into our build pipeline
  • Since our app is used by a diverse set of people across the whole world, I also championed efforts to improve the app accessibility so that users can access the app irrespective of their disabilities

Technical Expertise

My experience does not just speak in terms of quantity, but also in terms of the quality and depth of my technical skills. On the mobile front, I am proficient in the following technologies,

  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Objective C++
  • Codable
  • JSON
  • API management
  • SwiftUI
  • Combine
  • Autolayout
  • Storyboards
  • Swift 5.7
  • Networking
  • Caching / Core Data
  • UI and UX considerations
  • ComponentKit
  • IGListKit
  • Senior Architect
  • Oncall Duties

Besides mobile, I also have experience and delivered projects in the following areas

  • Python
  • Hack Language
  • C++
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Perl

Management Expertise

My experience and skills aren't limited to the technical areas, I have also worked as a tech lead, engineering manager, mentor, presenter, public speaker, and scrum master on various occasions.

  • Technical leadership
  • Architect
  • Engineering manager
  • Mentor
  • Presenter
  • Public Speaker
  • Documentation
  • Scrum master
  • Project lead

Hire Me!

I am ready for hire to work on freelance projects. My expertise includes iOS, Mobile, project management, tech leader expertise, engineering management and software architecture. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or through the contact me form.