A Fiasco with Banana Pie

Though it was vastly productive day in terms of number of attempts and number of successful recipes, I had to go through one major failure.

I was quite pumped up with idea of making Banana Pie one more time after 4 months. But my dreams were shattered when there was too much water in the pie for it to take a firm shape.

It all started with me adding 3 eggs to Pie mixture without getting rid of egg white which houses too much liquid. Then I ended up adding equal amount of milk increasing liquidity beyond reparation. The mixture became partly solution instead of catching a medium think consistency.

However, being optimistic at heart I still had some hopes that mixture will thicken up as it bakes in the heat of 450F for 30 minutes. Unfortunately this didn't happen since water was too much for batter to get rid of. Now there was another blunder. In order to quick fix the consistency I spread quarter cup of all purpose flour over the baked pie which is foolish move. I ended up wasting both Pie and flour that I used.

In order to make matters worse my freezer was leaking water from the top which ended up in the pie. It increased the liquid content, adding thin layer of ice over it and separating all purpose flour I added earlier on the top of it.

It looked terrible. I had one more attempt to cut it into pieces, but thing just fell apart. With broken, saddened and dispirited heart I threw the "Banana Pie" in the trash.

Next week there will be one more attempt with less water, extra efforts and attention