A Food after long long time

A Food after long long time

It's been a long time since I actually put my heart while making a food. Call it an effect of place where I stayed or people I lived with in last 6 months. After moving into my new place, looks like I have a newfound respect for my life and rediscovered a optimism.

Sundays are great to lock yourself inside house and dedicate all time to cook. However, cold Sundays are not that much of a fun. I had a Gulab Jamun batter I brought from my trip to India last year. It was lying for long enough time and I decided to utilize it to celebrate the new apartment.

Day was great, kitchen was all furnished and I had all the joy to put my mind into cooking and make best food possible. It took me around an hour from start to finish including making round gulab jamun shapes, frying them in the oil and deep them in the sugar syrup.

Gulab jamun is one of the favorite sweet dish in India. You should try one if you haven't already. If you are too busy to make it at home, you can get them in any Indian restaurant or buy from online shop.

In the meantime here are some of the snaps of final recipe. They do not look so much pretty - but believe me, they were delicious