A Pizza with more avocados, jalapenos and cucumber

This was an exciting weekend with all nice weather, rain, chill and my plan to make one more pizza with novel toppings all along.

I mentioned my pizza preparation experience in couple of last posts. This is the third article from this list. I already bought Avocados and Cucumber as a new addition. This time I decided to coat it with Jalapeños and Banana Pepper.

I am yet not sure if it's good idea to add banana peppers to Pizza. So far I've only eaten them with subway product. Any advice is appreciated

I followed exact same procedure as previous recipes. Some notable additions are strawberry flavor, M&Ms, butter and pepper jack cheese as opposed to combination of provolone and swiss cheese I was accustomed to.

I used standard yeast to bloom the batter. Kept it for couple of hours before making base and adding necessary toppings over it.

Here are some of the snaps of pizza you might like,

Pizza ready to bake with all the toppings


Avocado, Jalapeños, cucumber and Banana peppers pizza ready to serve hot



I know it goes well with pasta, but I also added Alfredo sauce on the top of baked pizza to add more taste to it. It tasted awesome though! At the end make sure to garnish pizza with cheese powder and crushed chili pepper to add intense taste. If you are a fan, it won't hurt to add extra avocados too

It always surprises me how cheap Avocado is given that it is tasty and good natural source of protein. I am surprised that even having priced $0.89 for single piece, (It would be even cheaper if bought wholesale) how restaurants charge you extra couple bucks for little more avocados or guacamole