Active on Twitter - I Love It

Active on Twitter - I Love It

I learned a new thing is last month that Twitter is so awesome. I wonder I never used it seriously before. It is not only about show off but you can keep up to date with recent affairs and tweets from your heroes and celebrities.

It actually helped me to keep up with latest Xcode, Swift, iOS addition and intros. Some Tweeter population is generous enough to share link to their favorite blog posts. It has been my immense resource for knowledge for last few weeks. I mean it's more productive and educational than Facebook.

Sometimes I get annoyed why they kept work limit to 140 characters. But when thinking about so it keep useless rantings at bay and let people put forward their thoughts in concise manner.

I also try to keep people in the following list who have content which I do not regard as spam or least not spam and repetitious. It's interesting to know how intense Twitter battles of words can be. Though I might not participate in them, it gives me insight of how some great people like to organize their thought process.

It's ok to use Twitter just for viewing Gifs, but you are using Gifs as a veil to advertise third party content which I don't find useful, it is going to baffle me asking why am I still following this entity.

Twitter recommendation system is strong and thoughtful too. I hardly find any recommendations whose interests do not align with what I am looking for. Rather than blindly following celebrities and top notch developers I like to go through their Tweets and see what kind of content they like to post. Optionally I would also go through blogs if they have one or Github projects.

All in all, it's been wonderful experience. Thanks to team Twitter for keeping content pollution and spam free, having great community of people on board and constant source of updates on events going on around the globe.

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In the meantime this is some damn funny video I found on Twitter this afternoon. All hail to Gates and Ballmer.