Adding plugins to Ghost Blog

Adding plugins to Ghost Blog

Sometimes you feel like having never been able to take full advantage of tools available to you. It's as if having a fully fledged swiss knife but inability to use it. I was feeling something like this until I came to know about kind of tools Ghost provides.

I was looking for following features. I will also enlist how I solved adding them to the blog. Totally free of cost and never took more than 30 minutes to solve.

1. Adding comments section

Disqus was my first choice for adding support for comments. I have been using it for quite a long time and I also know large community of blog writers also uses them. Overall reliable than most of its competitors and popular too. Which will keep development up to date and fixing any bugs it might have. You can find detailed instructions on How to add Disqus to your Ghost blog on this link

2. Adding support to share articles over social networks

Currently Ghost offers support to share any Ghost article over 3 major social services providers. Viz. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. This is built in and you do not need to update any of your theme files. I do not see any need for Ghost to provide any more social network services provider to share articles with

3. Embed Tweets in the post

This is even more simple. If you want to embed any tweet in your post, simply click on the 3 dots appearing below any Tweet that need to be embedded. This will give you a JavaScript embed code. Simply copy this code among a content of your post. Corresponding Tweet will appear along with your regular content

4. Adding code formatting and support for multiple languages

This is my favorite. Before I write anything more, please be sure to follow Detailed guide on how to add Prism code formatting for blog guide on how to add Prism code formatter to your blog. It's quick, little and easy. The only thing you have to do is just change couple of theme files and upload the updates theme back to blog.

It supports So many languages that you will never run out of languages to support. Besides supporting basic code formatting and styling support you can also include add on Prism plug-ins.

For full list of features and tutorial on how to use this plug-in, please go to Official Prism JS developer website. Also, don't forget to follow Lea Verou - A Genius and the creator of this incredibly helpful tool.

5. Support to load posts dynamically

This feature actually kept me intrigued for quite a long. I am still working on it. But if you are interested in adding dynamic posts loading support to website, please follow instructions on How to dynamically load Ghost posts for full support.

Note : To make sure last mentioned feature works, go to Blog settings -> Labs -> Enable Beta Features and check the box next to title Public API. Please be informed this feature is still in beta phase and expect to face issues at any point of time

This is the list of plug-ins I can think of and I have already added to my personal blog. If you think something is wrong, please help me correct it.

If you are using any tool/plug-ins that would be useful to other bloggers, I will appreciate if you could take time to let us know about them