Adding fancy overlay effects to images (iOS)

Adding fancy overlay effects to images (iOS)

Recently we saw a great initiative taken by Facebook to support LGBT community. As a part of that initiative they provided a way on Facebook to add pride parade color effect to users' profile photos.
It was quite fascinating to see. I wondered about it for few days if what if we can do on an iOS.

For some time I felt it might be difficult, but was not so much. I successfully created a library using Objective-C. It was quite cool to see myself recreating that lot of people used earlier.

Of course, I know I was not creative in that sense. But it felt really good to replicate that fascinating effect as a part of initiative taken to support LGBT community

Just so it would be useful for someone to create this effect on their Macs. You can find a library implementation Here on Github.

Feel free to play with it and send a pull request if you could find a bug/way to enhance it to the next level.

In the meantime, I have also updated this library to support additional effects such as ones as follows.

Here are some of the cool demo effects I gathered over days of working and improving upon this library. Hope you'll like them!

Classic Facebook Pride effect

Facebook Pride Effect

Classic Indian Flag effect

Indian Flag Effect

A tribute to former Indian President - The great APJ Abdul Kalam

A tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam

Pride Effect with Roger Federer's background

Pride effect and Roger Federer

Roger Federer with French effect

Roger Federer and France

Roger Federer with Swiss effect

Roger Federer and Switzerland