Banana Cashew Muffin

Banana Cashew Muffin

After thinking over it for 2 hours, I finally decided to give go to Banana Cashew Muffins. The reason was I had already made cupcakes a day earlier and they were too much for me to eat in a week. Having another set of cakes was just too much and would lead to sure waste which will end in the trash.

However, I few other compelling reasons to do so. Couple of overripe bananas, fact that I miserably failed at Banana pie and inability to do anything until next Sunday forced me to do it TODAY.

Thanks to All Recipe's video on How to make Banana Muffins. It's more or less similar to that of cupcakes recipe. Only few difference being using bananas, avoiding the excessive use of cream et cetra.

Though I thought it might be an easy dish, it still took me an hour of work from start to finish which included the time to do dishes and clean the kitchen.

I am yet to add designs to it and cakes are put in the fridge to cool down. A task for tomorrow will be to add a scoop of whip cream on the top of it and decorate it with few more cashew nuts. They look really good and smell ah ah ah, my house is now filled with vanilla and banana smell.

My advice is that if your house stinks, just try the Banana Cashew Muffin recipe - It will fill your house with magical fragrance for few hours

You can also add almonds, pistachios, walnut or peanuts for added taste.

In the meantime here are some of the snaps

Plain Muffins


Muffins with extra decoration