Banana Pie - Retake 3

Banana Pie - Retake 3

Thank god, after 3 retakes I was successfully able to make a Banana pie at home. I made one few months back. Another attempt was made last week where it completely backfired.

However, this time I took extra precaution to make it look right. Just few things done better

  • While adding eggs to pie batter, added only two. Only yellow portion added. White portion removed since it contains extra water

  • Added balanced mixture of all purpose flour. Avoided adding extra afterwards just to thicken consistency. This avoided strange white formation on the pie top

  • Put less milk initially. Added little more in the later stages based on the level of batter consistency

  • Didn't allow batter to overflow over pie crust. This avoided spilling of pie all over the place while baking

  • Didn't put pie inside oven for extended period of time. Took it out after approximately 20-25 minutes

  • Put it in the freezer for 1 hour before cutting it into pieces

Here are some of the pictures

(Apologies if I am putting too much of them here. But I am so excited because I succeeded after a failed attempt plus I had more opportunity to garnish it with creative designs too)


I hope you have enjoyed it. I got reference to this recipe from All Recipes YouTube channel. Though I have refrained from writing recipe all over again, if you have any questions, comments or queries about this recipe or a post feel free to contact me on my email address j[dot]kawli[at]

It took me almost an hour to bake a pie, another hour to cool it in the fridge and 30 more minutes to decorate it and arrange official photo session. I hope this blog post will help to an aspiring chef. Feel free to chip in your opinion if you are an experienced one and have any suggestions for amateur chefs like me