Beginning of a new life

Finally that day has arrived when I got to live this wonderful city of Columbus. Can't believe it's been 3 years since I put foot here. Never believed I would stay here for more than a year. (That was the reason I spent extra $600 while signing just a 6 month lease initially). Ended up living for 26 months in my first apartment and approximately 11 months in the newer one.

I am sitting in my apartment with 2 big packed bags in front of me, another small bag and a bag pack to carry all documents and emergency material. I still need to pack few essentials which I will need until my departure in less than 36 hours. My flight takes off on Saturday 17th September early morning. By that time I will have to pack everything and either take with me or throw in the garbage bin. (Sad and ironic that I have to throw my vacuum in the garbage which helped me cleaning my apartment in last 2 weeks).

I Never thought it would take several months to find and land in the job that I truly love. By the way I am going to join Wayfair in Boston, MA. I've spent so many long hours finding good companies, furnishing resume, formatting cover letter catering to individual employer and several minutes trying to actually apply for a job. I always thought that it was going to be emotionally hard on me to be leaving this job. Having worked for 3 years, it's never mentally easy to detach yourself from your employer and colleagues.

It's sometimes better to emotionally isolate yourself from some things. Things start getting better after emotions are taken out of it. My current apartment is one of the few things I am really going to miss.

By far, this has to be one of the most amazing, quite, helpful, clean and organized community I have ever seen. Leasing manager is great, security is amazing, neighbors are talkative and nice and surrounding area is picturesque and spectacular. No fights, random dog barking, car decks or solicitors. If there is one thing I hate about this community is that it's just too good, which makes me feel no matter where I go, I will always put them in second place.

Thanks to my nature to worry to much, I have already booked an apartment in Boston. It's been a while since I booked and leasing manager was nice enough to hold it for me for more than a month. No wonder I am eventually going there and will see if I need to sign 6 months/1 year lease. Speaking of apartment, roommates and girlfriends I am always a gun shy. Cause these decisions are of paramount importance of your life and they better not be screwed while making a decision. I would rather be paying $150 extra rent per month rather than risking to live in shady apartment house for a whole year.

All I can say time is ticking for me now. (Not in pessimistic way but since I will be moving to new home very soon). I felt kind of sad leaving all this behind. Columbus, as a city is full of nice people who are willing to talk to you, help you out and not create any trouble. City life in big metros such as Boston is rough. People are in rush, do not wait to talk and sometimes act blunt. Columbus in my experience is very beautiful city full of bars, pubs, fun people and liberal natured given its inclination towards LGBT people. No matter who you are, you won't be judged and it follows the principle of live and let live.

I am excited for other reasons. Living here for 3 years has put me in complacency. I had not been meeting new people neither have I any novel experience. Things must change and I am glad that point has finally arrived. It's always choice to face and fight your fears. That is how you get matured and grow. I wouldn't want to be in place where I am comfortable or full or people who have same or lesser knowledge than I do. Right now, I am more excited than being nervous or frightened. As always I will try to break all bonds with my past and start a new life.

Thanks to all those people who shaped my life, helped me find my way around, influenced and improved me as a human being and taught me to be a nice and considerate person towards others.

My flight leaves tomorrow morning and I will be reaching Boston at around close to noon. I am flying with SouthWest, so there is little possibility of getting flight late for 5 hours. (Re: Delta) plus they are allowing me to carry two checked in luggage bags. I will few more blog posts in a day or two about my first couple of days in Boston and things to do before moving out. (I have moved out from a place 3 times before, so hopefully you will be able to relate to my experience and it can help you if you ever decide to move to new place!)