Celebrating Thanksgiving with apartment folks

Celebrating Thanksgiving with apartment folks

Yesterday I had an honor to celebrate a Thanksgiving first time in last two years with some lovely and nice people. Occasion was that our apartment community had organized a thanksgiving dinner with delicious turkey last night.

It always gets on my nerve to socialize and meet bunch of people. Not that I hate people around me, but it's quite embarrassing for me to go and be vocal to people around me. But those folks looked really talkative and open minded. After initial introduction, we were engrossed in friendly chat. I prepared Chicken Tikka Masala, maybe it was bit spicy so I will try to put little more cream to it next time onwards.

People also prepared rajma delicacy, turkey (Of course), cheese and macaroni and some delicious french dish whose name I don't quite remember. We also had lemonade, wine, milk and other beverages. It was good time for me to meet some more people around my home. Never knew people in the neighborhood could be this friendly. We had prayers just before dinner and some interesting conversations about movies and tv series of each one's likings.

I left early as I had to appear for an interview at 7:00 PM (4:00 PM PST as company was SF based). Our leasing manager was too nice to pack some turkey for me. Overall it was damn good idea to go to the event.

I cannot wait for next community event to meet even more people!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, in advance!