Changing address with USPS

I have been posting lot about my recent move to Boston. So far I have independently moved out of my apartment thrice. It's been long and tedious transition, but here's one of the tips that can help you with forwarding your mails to the new address.

When you are planning to move to new address and know your exact move-out date and address, you can go to Official USPS change of address website to formally request the address change. They will ask you some information to verify the identity and both old and new addresses and send a address change confirmation letter to your new address shortly.

Advantage? After you move into the new address, USPS will automatically forward all your mails from older to a newer address so that you won't miss any payments, checks or important documents. (By important I mean immigration documents which are hard to keep track of in case of moving out)

They usually charge you $1 for address change request which in my opinion is very small amount. This is really helpful and you should plan ahead to do it before moving out. Please note that USPS will keep forwarding mails from older to the newer address only for a year. After which you will need to notify all your senders about your new address. Failure to do so will prevent you from getting any mails from the older address.

You can see if the documents you received was forwarded from your older address. USPS will usually stick the yellow note at the right bottom corner of envelope to indicate that sender still has your older address and you should notify them about newer address as soon as possible to avoid any potential confusion.

Hope this will help while you're planning to move out. If you need any more tips on things to do while moving to a new place, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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