Chicken 65

Chicken 65

There are many stories about the name of this dish how it got the name Chicken 65. But for the sake of this post, I won't go to any of those details.

I will briefly explain my experience of preparing this dish (Which was done last week). It was on my menu to prepare food items before the next month and thus the topic. Being a chicken dish, I was quite comfortable with it. Chicken 65 is basically pieces of chicken wrapped in the flour coating, fried and then tossed in the mixture of oil, cilantro, and curry leaves afterward.

It was a relatively easy recipe given what I had been through making samosas earlier. All you need is very simple ingredients such as flour, corn-flour, chicken pieces, cilantro, ginger-garlic etc. As usual I used the online help, and this time from K-kitchen on how to make a chicken 65

First off, we have to make a spiced gravy containing all major spices, salt, and lime juice. Then immerse each chicken pieces in gravy and then coat with the mixture of wheat flour and corn flour. Keep it aside for some time and then deep fry in the oil.

For the sake of space and time, I am not going to put the full recipe but will enlist some of the tips from my experience.

  1. Make sure chicken gravy is thick enough, otherwise chicken pieces may not get coated enough and mixture will drip down from its edges

  2. Once you coat wet pieces of chicken with flour, make sure to shed-off extra flour surrounding it

  3. Make sure oil is hot enough before you start frying

  4. In my experience, a lot of flour gets dropped in the oil which makes it opaque and accumulates extra starch at the bottom. Given this, I would strongly recommend against using the same oil for frying more than 3 batches.

  5. If you need to fry even more pieces, use fresh oil. Every time, add the quantity such that the top portion of pieces gets immersed into the oil for better and thorough frying in all directions

  6. Once the food is ready, do not let it sit for a long time. You will observe that after some time outer skin of the fried chicken starts to come off which may feel weird to eat

  7. To add extra taste you can also eat them with barbecue or sweet 'n sour sauce

Here are some photos of the homemade "chicken 65".





Hope you enjoyed this post. Goodbye - until next time.