Chicken Saag

Chicken Saag

It was Sunday 24th January, a crispy sunny evening. The perfect day to cook something professional food. As always, I had chicken saag multiple times in restaurant. Had chicken at home and spinach gravy too. But never ever I had both of them together.

Today I had a plan to do something toofani. So here we go!. As planned I already bought chicken thighs and spinach. Thanks to Walmart. As usual special thanks to VahChef YouTube video for showing a way to this delicious recipe.

Funny thing my neighbor observed a sweet and delicious smell comes from my apartment. I hope that was not an offensive statement. I took it as a compliment

The recipe is more less similar to my rest other chicken gravy recipes. The only difference is addition of some more intense spices (Maybe that is the reason this amazing smell reached outside breaking walls of my house!) , spinach and cream along with few more condiments.

It took 20 minutes for arranging all required ingredients. This dish does not require marination. So arranging things should be quick. It took me 45-50 minutes overall for actual preparation. Most of this time was consumed for letting chicken simmer on medium-high flame. I then added cream/butter over it and let it cool for 10-15 minutes. The Chicken Saag was ready to server with Chapati, naan or rice which happens to be my best food to have with chicken gravy.

Make sure you cut spinach into fine pieces and make its gravy in the blender. Make sure to maintain consistency of gravy to flowing. Do not add too much of a salt. Spinach already contains salt, so be frugal when adding an additional amount

Here are some photos of my adventure,

Chicken Saag Angle 1

Chicken Saag Angle 2