Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken Vindaloo

Since we are on the same page concerning gravy and chicken. (Given my last two posts about Chicken Saag and Kashmiri Dum Aloo). Chicken Vindaloo was my first dish to try out Vinegar. It tastes like a Ayurvedic medicine and smells like Wine. Not sure why, but I prepared all my recipes this week using Vinegar. For the record I am using Balsamic Vinegar from Walmart. My experience has been really good with it. I strongly recommend this particular brand of vinegar for you too.

Be advised not to put too much of a vinegar. Based on the food quantity, just drop 3-4 drops. But use your best judgment. If you got good judgment for salt, you will be fine with Vinegar too.

Chicken vindaloo is nothing but a regular chicken curry with curd, potato and additional spices for simmering. Everything else is same. Only thing is that adding potatoes will make dish delicious and thicken the gravy. Make sure you boil potatoes well before adding them to gravy.

Thanks to VahChef for Remarkable Chicken Vindaloo recipe on VahChef. I cannot thank this guy enough.

Here are some of the pictures of final recipe preparation

Chicken Vindaloo I

Chicken Vindaloo II