Egg Boat

Egg Boat

What comes to your mind when I say boat? A fish? Water? A Machine that floats on a water and take you from one point to another? This weekend the boat meant to me as a delicious street food which by the way looked awesome and tasted too. Believe me, there are very few food items which excel in both categories.

Thanks to Home Cooking Adventure's video on How to make the Egg Boat. I won't bore you with the same recipe once again - But here's how my experience went with it.

I had bought Eggs, tomatoes and chicken for this recipe from Walmart a day earlier. I didn't have subs, so that was another purchase. Cutting subs in the given shape is another skill. You have to cut them so that you don't end up making unwanted cracks or holes which will take away all your mixture content.

I also used red color in addition to red chili powder. Use it in the modest since you don't want to eat excessive spicy boats. You usually bake them in over at 450F for 20-25 minutes until they are fully done.

These subs are pretty heavy, so make sure you keep your belly empty before having them for main course. I added few eggs too. Make sure you bring bigger subs unlike the one I had which were slightly bigger than smaller variants.

Once done, I kept them out to cool for 30 minutes and then had them with Ketchup. Woww! I don't have any other words to describe it. It's like an authentic Indian street food. I am not lying, this was perfect combination of sub, meat, egg, spices and vegetables all in it.

The only thing that bothered me was it was too heavy for my stomach. In spite of being it so delicious I hardly had a sub and a half.

In all I made 5 subs - One of the six got wasted cause I cut it too much giving away its purpose. Overall easy recipe. Tasty dish to impress your families, friends, gfs, bfs. You will score full points with just 30 minutes of efforts.

Here are some of the snaps I took over the weekend. They are taken in the natural light setting, so are better than the previous ones.






Try it out, you won't regret!