A favorite Indian snack - Samosa

A favorite Indian snack - Samosa

Samosa is one of the most delicious and famous Indian snacks. If you go to an Indian restaurant, you will definitely see it in the menu for starters. I personally like it a lot that every time I go out for a dinner in Indian restaurants, this is on my list for the starter.

Making samosa is a little bit tricky. It's not that inner filling is difficult, but making outer coating in the expected shape is challenging and takes a lot of practice and preparation.

I found the Samosa recipe on YouTube under CookingShooking channel. It's a great channel if you want to learn and master the majority of Indian dishes.

It's not difficult to get the ingredients for this recipe. You will find most of them in any grocery store (Not necessarily Indian). Making inner filling takes just around a half-hour. If you are making an outer coating, the dough should sit outside for a couple of hours before you start making raw samosas.

The chef does an excellent job of explaining how to roll dough into samosa shape which is a little bit tricky to do just through the textual description. I made smaller samosas since I didn't feel comfortable enough to take big pieces of dough and roll them into the pyramid shape. But it does not matter! What matters is the taste of outer coating and inner spiced vegetable combination.

All in all, it took me 2 hours to make this dish. 3/4th of the time was taken by the task of rolling flour into dough and shaping them into the pyramid. I don't have any specific tips for this recipe. The chef does an excellent job of describing every detail in depth.

Here are some of the photos,






That's it for today. Until next week when I come back to write blog posts about 4 more tasty Indian delicacies I am going to prepare in my kitchen.