General Tso's Chicken

General Tso's Chicken

General Tso's chicken has been my favorite in United States for long time. I believe you only get this variety in USA. Otherwise as far as I know this category is not available in India last time I checked. I might be wrong though. So this weekend on 10th January, 2016 I prepared General Tso's chicken. Again thanks to VahChef for providing an amazing and clear cut recipe.

As instructed I used chicken thighs as meat. It's most luscious part of the chicken and fits perfectly for this dish. I also had to buy few Chinese ingredients from the Walmart. (Hope I do not sound so racist while writing it). There was nothing difficult in the arrangement and preparation. I did not buy a soy sauce since I thought it was redundant since I already bought stir fry, which is a combination of soy sauce, garlic and red chili sauce.

In vegetable I bought in capsicum, red bell peppers, spring onion and celery sticks. I had to make a long list before going to Walmart. But final result was worth all these efforts. I've had General Tso's multiple times at Coco's Grill and Oodles in Columbus, Ohio. However, in spite of likelihood of called as a pompous and narcissistic, I want to admit that I liked my recipe better than them. It was less oily, less watery and medium spicy.

I strongly suggest you guys to try it out at home. You can find The full recipe for General Tso's chicken on VahChef's YouTube channel.

Here are final photos. This is General Tso's chicken and the green sprinkle that you see on the top is cut Celery sticks

General Tso's Snap #1 (Pardon for my shadow over image)

General Tso's Snap #2 (Pardon again for obvious reason)