Google Chrome Offline Dinosaur game

Google Chrome Offline Dinosaur game

Last year I discovered by accident that Google chrome has one more gem installed into it. It appears only when you are offline. This is one of those things Google does which differentiates it from competitors.

so let's talk about game now. It looks like this

Offline Dinosaur Game

Interesting thing is that, you can only play it when you are Not Connected to an internet.

Sometimes I love this game so much that I manually disconnect from an internet and spend some time playing it. Not really good idea, but still worth it!

Recently my new router and WoW cable has started giving me headache of frequent connection drop outs. Which also implies I have been playing this game more frequently than I did before. My connection just disappeared and half n hour back

Which is not really surprising, but it also comes back within 30 seconds and spoils my ongoing game. As soon as connection is back, Chrome will abandon game and try to reach the page which was previously unavailable.

So, my proud moment that I played my best game and scored highest score of 1173 since a year I discovered it. I am glad I could break a 1000 points barrier and also make a personal record. For skeptical, here's the proof.

Dinosaur Game record

I will keep playing and updating on this page if I make any new record in upcoming days. (Depending on how long internet is out, longer the time, better is the probability of playing it longer and also recording higher score)

Update: I broke a previous record last week. While traveling from Mumbai to Chicago via Zurich, I didn't have access to internet in some parts of my itinerary. This game provided Quantum of Solace while I was disconnected from rest of the world. I was able to achieve a whopping score of 1478. For skeptical, sorry I forgot to capture screenshot. Will do it next time I break the 1500 barrier

Update: Fun fact, you can easily hack this game if you have basic knowledge of Chrome debugger console and JavaScript. With just few special console commands you can be invincible and score as many points as you want. Just watch How to Hack Chrome offline Dinosaur game. But I strongly advice you against it since this is not something any real sport person will do