Holiday is upon us - Winter 2015

Holiday is upon us - Winter 2015

Winter is already here and we are almost into year 2016. It's still unbelievable how fast this year went by. It's pretty cold outside. Thank god that it's still not subzero yet and we are yet to witness first official snowfall for this year. I bet in either case, it's not good time to venture outside. You could either get frostbite or suffer hypothermia. So remain inside your house and stay warm.

I am particularly excited about this winter and holiday season. The year 2015 was not so bad after all. My parents visited me here in USA for the first time. It was my dream since I came here back in 2011. To be honest, now I won't feel bad even if I have to return to India for good.

I quit the Gym after 1.5 years of membership and moved into new house. Never thought of it in last 2 years, but right now I am seriously thinking about job switch for various reasons. Not sure how long will it take before I make that transition. So here is what I aim for. Just bring transitions to 3 areas, quitting the gym, changing the house and changing the job is the one I am still unsure about.

New apartment folks could not be more excited about holiday. They had arranged thanksgiving dinner and their houses are already filled with holiday and Christmas themed goodies. Kids are happy and elated to receive gifts from Santa. As joy and enthusiasm is shared from people around you, I am quite excited about it for the first time in last few years.

It is quite important to surround yourself with positive and peaceful people. As my friend once said, your energy and positive attitude is an average of people surrounding you. So don't waste any time around people who contribute negativity and peevishness to other people's life

So here is what I did for the first time. I ordered a Battery Operated holiday wreath and Snowflake wreath hanger from Target last month. It looks pretty cool. Amazing thing is it features 35 warm white mini LED lights that are battery operated with timer. Wreath is decorated with red berries, pinecones and a red burlap bow for traditional holiday style.

It took me a while to find 2 'D' batteries for it. But luckily I went to Whitehall Walmart and purchased desired batteries for reasonable price

This is what it looks like on the front door

My Door

It was one part. As I mentioned my apartment management people are even more excited and proactive about holiday season. They have recently put a nice snowman poster and decorations by the apartment entrance

Apartment Entrance Night
Apartment Entrance Day

Again there is a small Pine tree by my house. They have also taken care to decorate it with Santa poster and Ornament balls.

Decorated pine tree

Though there haven't been snowfall in the Columbus so far, I am very happy to see all these development around my apartment. These guys are really good and they take care to make sure everyone living here have good time!