iOS App - Simple Signatures

iOS App - Simple Signatures

I am recently writing a Signature app. Due to Apple naming enforcements that app name was already I had to change name to Simple Signatures. This weekend I spent most of the time giving finishing touch to an app. I also added launch screen and app icons. Thanks to Soft Icons for providing with amazing icons.

This app is based on my previous signature library. It allows you to create a dynamic signatures with variable stroke size and colors. Being an app I added extra functionalities to it. Below is the list features this app offers.

  1. Choose any stroke size for brush. Values range from 1 to 15

  2. Choose stroke color. App offers 3rd part color picker. (Thanks to creator of HRColorPicker for such useful library)

  3. Choose background color. You can use a color picker from step 2

  4. Save signature image locally

  5. Record signature creation and store it as a video file in mp4 format.

  6. Signature image and videos will be collectively called as signature media. You can easily share these media through an email. (In order to share this media through email, you must have an email account setup on the device through settings)

  7. Alternatively, if you do not want to create signature manually you can take the signature picture with a camera and locally store it. (And optionally share it though an email)

  8. There is a feedback button on the top left corner on the home page. If you are not happy with app or looking for future additions do let me know through a feedback section.

This app is not yet released to an app store. I am looking forward for release within next couple of weeks. I will keep you updating on the release. In the meantime, below are some screenshots of this app in beta phase

Home Page

Save Signature Image

File Browser

Color Picker

Select Stroke Size