Kitchen - Before and After Cooking

Kitchen - Before and After Cooking

This is amazing how the kitchen looks before and after cooking. It's sad to see all the mace, sticky utensils and food scattered all over the place. Though making food is fun, cleaning the kitchen is another ball game. I am sure when I get a roommate, I am going to do all the cooking and let him do dishes and clean the kitchen.

Reason is simple, cleaning is highly unproductive and repetitious task. You do it million times, but it has same procedure and results. Making food is not. You can add variation or just make different recipes. This is where you can grab and hone you skills and do better next time.

But that being said, I still have to clean my own kitchen. Though I usually assign specific number of minutes for this task, I usually clean the whole cooking unit once in a month which is another tedious business taking couple of hours when done thoroughly.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of how my kitchen looks before and after cooking a food :

Before Cooking




After Cooking




Quite a mess, huh? Believe me, but after few days of practice you can bring upon this transition within few minutes including the time it takes to do dishes.