Kudos to Amazon

Kudos to Amazon

The purpose of this post is to thank Amazon.com customer service who went out of their way to give me a replacement for faulty Cable modem I purchased couple months ago.

Problem started surfacing after I setup the Cable Modem with my OnHub router. I observed that this modem-router combination was constantly dropping connection. First I suspected it to be WoW, my internet service provider. But after making contact with their customer support multiple times I figured that it's not them, but me and my new device.

Obviously my doubt went to either Cable Modem or my new OnHub router from Google. To give it a try, I used my friend's cable modem for a week. It never gave me disconnection issue during that time period. It made me to think that Cable modem is the real culprit.

Sad to say, it was over a month and as per Amazon terms and conditions I could not return an item after a month of its purchase date. Besides, I was busy moving in a new place during that period so returning this thing was not my first priority. However, frequent disconnection started flipping me out on regular basis. Thought now is time to request them for return or replacement.

I sent them an email 2 days ago requesting a return, but it was refused on the basis of their aforementioned policy since it was more than 2 months since purchase. I had to dispatch one more diplomatic and earnest email asking for their favor to make an exception as this device of no use for me.

You can call me a stubborn jerk, but I was seriously considering giving away my $50 Amazon gift card to someone for free and never to purchase anything from Amazon as long as it was my money which was being spent on things if they refuse this request too. Obviously I was at loss of $70 if they had done so, but I too was not really pleased with their policy.

Luckily to me, Customer care at Amazon were too nice to allow returns making an exception to their policy. I was so happy and decided to buy my next modem device from them.

It was such a nice gesture and I, as a customer could not ask for anything more. Thank you Amazon customer service and Thank you to Jeff Bezos too who planted this professional and customer oriented culture.