Leaving for India

I am really excited this weekend since by the mid of next week I will be in India. It's been more than two years since my last visit. I bet lot of things must have changed. (Though I hope people wouldn't change). This may or may not be my last trip US to India. Depends on my visa interview though. I hope everything goes alright and I will be able to come back safely.

Like last time I bought bunch of chocolates to give to my relative and friends. (I received Godiva chocolates this week and Ghirardelli must be on its way to my home). This time I have slightly changed my strategy. I have created a group of people I regard closer and I have bought special chocolate boxes for them. Hope this works out really well.

I will be leaving States on 3rd March in the morning. Flying from Columbus to Mumbai via Frankfurt and Chicago. It's been 2 years since international travel and I hope I won't screw anything in between. Lufthansa is really nice and every time I fly overseas I go with them. First time I flew with United Airlines and that wasn't really good experience with 7 hours to sit in cramped space. But Lufthansa is seriously spacious for cattle/coach class.

I will be landing on 5th Morning around 1:00. I will see my father, brother in law, sister and maybe my nephew will accompany them too. I am writing this at 5:50 PM (EST). By the next week I will be in India at the same time. I will try to visit as many relatives as possible over weekend.

I have also got OFC interview for finger print scanning on Monday and visa interview on Thursday. I am really really nervous about these appointments. God give me power to cope up with this pressure.

I am having butterflies in my stomach right now and feel terribly anxious how am I going to get welcomed in India. I won't blame people who might have forgotten me in 2 years.

My plan is to stay home as much as possible. Try to compress relatives' visits in least duration as possible. Increase number of visits to time ratio. I've also got plans to meet some old friends. Not sure if they want to meet me or not given that the are married by now.

Well, that's the life. If everything goes well I am planning to invite my parents to US again. This time for 3 months. Not that we will be able to fly around US every weekend. But it will be fun. Not sure how our house in India will look like after 3 months of neglect. (I bet my sister will come regularly and clean it up). But I feel glad that they are super comfy in US. Not a noise, loud speakers, chaos, screaming all around our house. They will have little vacation in that sense. I am praying to god to make this happen.

My boss's been really supportive in this action. He has provided every documentation he had to to make H1B interview go smooth. I don't see any problem on my side so far. After all he is the reason I am still in US. Last time we had nice get together with my parents. Good Times!

Well, I take your leave now. I need to get home and make some Masala Dosa which will probably my last cooked food in US. (Need to boil some potatoes and make dosa. I already have better ready to cook). I will keep adding content to this series. But ciao for now.