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Did I tell you that a few months back I subscribed to a newsletter from Natasha the Robot? I came to know about her in one of her Swift talks on YouTube. You can find her detailed information on Twitter. She as a developer is quite competitive in iOS development and especially interested in exploring Swift's realm.

Lucky me that when I first went to this website, I was wise enough to subscribe to weekly newsletters. You will receive curated newsletters frequently in your inbox.

Worry not, there is also an easy option to opt out of email notifications

Emails usually arrive every Monday morning. Though I mentioned I was wise enough to subscribe to it, I never really took serious time to go through these newsletters and teach myself more about Swift techniques and fundamentals.

At the workplace, I worked on the single Swift project, but the rest of the projects have been Objective-C oriented. I am looking forward to seeing it changed soon.

So, as I was saying I never really took an effort to thoroughly go through those weekly newsletters. In this new year, I made a resolution to go through every newsletter, learn something new, and if required write that down in the new Xcode project for learning purposes.

So far so good. I have gone through 5 newsletters from last year. I usually skip some so-called random stuff and tutorials related to WatchKit since for now I am not interested in it.

Sometimes the same thing gets explained in different ways while going through varied tutorials. That helps too because I have very weak grasping power.

Going through similar kind of tutorials helps me understand things better and more clearly over the course of time

I will be venturing into a few more tutorials this weekend. So far I learned so many things about iOS9, Swift, and Stack Views which were introduced in iOS9. Sometimes I am surprised that in spite of doing iOS development for almost 2 years I still have so many things to learn.

I am learning and learning more into Swift. So far there are so many things I became enlightened with. Not just a Swift, but Objective-C too. Never stop to read, learn and give it back to community

I am still learning Swift but given that I know a little bit about it if you are in the learning phase like myself and you want to share your knowledge or have any questions, shoot me an email. We can probably discuss it together. In my opinion group study is the most productive as opposed to learning alone. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in the meantime.

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