New year's eve with Chicken Tandoori

New year's eve with Chicken Tandoori

It was new year's eve and something special was waiting to happen. Of course, it was time for Chicken tandoori. The thing I have been planning forever since I had it for the first time.

As always, thanks to VahChef channel which taught and inspired me to try out new recipes. It was not quite possible without them. I wouldn't bore you with recipe as you can find the full preparation Here on YouTube. But I will explain my experience and share few tips if possible.

  • I prepared chicken tandoori with leg pieces as that is my favorite part of tandoori. As explained by VahChef, be sure to deep cuts into meat until your knife reaches the bone. This will make sure the marination reaches deeply to the bottom of meat piece and won't leave any undercooked/bland portion in it

  • Use fresh chicken for preparation. Stale chicken won't produce a tandoori as crispy as fresh one.

  • When you make actual red-colored marinations, make sure to coat the entire meat piece with it. It will make sure marinations reaches each and every part of the leg piece. (Or any meat piece for that matter)

Here's how my fully marinated chicken leg pieces looked like, be advised that I did and you can also add little bit of red color to give that texture as displayed in below images.

Marinated chicken ready to be baked in the oven



  • Pre-heat the oven to 425F and put the chicken pieces along with aluminum foil in it for 30-35 minutes.

I made the mistake in spite of specific warning mentioned in the video. Do not put pieces directly on the foil. The part touching the foil will not be cooked at all. Instead of that, try to place pieces on something else. Make sure to leave reasonable gap between chicken pieces and aluminum foil bottom. This will make sure both top and bottom will be properly baked in the oven

At the end..

And finally, this is the finished product of Chicken Tandoori. Sprinkle it with lemon juice and serve with combination of curd and cut onion. You will love it




I hope this post will give an inspiration to you too. Please try it out at home if you feel. Let me know should you have any questions on preparations. I will be more than happy to guide you through the process.