Making of Upama (Or Uppit)

Making of  Upama (Or Uppit)

Upama is a favorite and famous dish in Maharashtra (An Indian state). I still remember having it for breakfast or an evening snack when I was a kid. However, as I started living away from home, there were scarce instances where I would get a home-made Upama. Obviously, you can get it in any Indian restaurant, but it's not up to my taste. Either it's too dry or just full of oil which makes me sick.

As usual thanks for Madhura's Recipes channel on YouTube which showed how to make a delicious upama. I had this idea ever since I realized I had too much semolina (Rawa) left in my house and somehow I had to finish it soon. I saw the recipe this afternoon and realized it doesn't take too many ingredients and is quick to cook (Quick: < 1 hour).

I really loved cooking delicacies that I never tried before. Upama is something I rarely make. The one I made 4 years ago turned out to be disaster. By the time I was done, it was full of lumps, burned and full of oil. I became even more cautious when I had the opportunity to try the new dish out from that point on.

Anyways, enough about my ramblings. Here are some amazing photos of Upama I snapped right after it was done. Pardon some foggy appearance - The food was still hot with rising vapors when photo was taken,

Some tips from my own experience plus the ones mentioned in the above mentioned video,

  1. Make sure to fry Semolina separately before frying it with cut onions and cumin seeds. Frying adds a distinct taste and smell to semolina
  2. Make sure to pay attention while you're frying onions. Too much time and you could burn them
  3. When you finally add water to semolina + onion mixture, make sure it's boiling hot. Adding cold water to hot mixture will make lumps
  4. You don't see a coriander here cause I had none. But it's good idea to sprinkle upma with it to get a good flavor