Making Ragda-Patties

Making Ragda-Patties

So finally after 2.5 years I was successful making Ragda patties once again. Last time it was could easily be a mid-2013.

There is not much to say about this recipe. It's quite straightforward. Unlike usual, I drifted away from VahChef this time too. Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana khajana Video on how to make a Ragda Patties came to my rescue. Chef was really nice and clear. Though it was lengthier than typical recipes for Ragda patties, I don't have any complaints since host elaborated on many details.

Overall preparation time is approximately 15-20 minutes and preparation time by my standard was 45-60 minutes.

Some tips based on my experience :

  1. Do not add too much water in patties dough. It will then get completely out of shape when you fry them on the pan

  2. If dough has too much liquid, please add reasonable amount of corn starch to improve thickness of the mixture

  3. Since we are not deep frying patties in the oil. Make sure your patties are flat so that when you fry them, the full surface area gets fried. Also do not forget to frequently fry sideways too. (Otherwise it will taste half baked with top and bottom fully fried with sideways left uncooked)

  4. When you make a ragda, add pinch of asafetida and few basil leaves. It will give nice pleasant aroma to the whole mixture

Ragda Patties ready for lunch - Portrait


Ragda Patties ready for lunch - Landscape


Ragda Only