Market Salad

Market Salad

Eating a salad is healthy. But is it really tasty? Not really. I wonder how some people manage to eat salad for lunch or a dinner. I can eat it as a snack, but not really something as a main course.

But what the hell. To try my theory out I decided to make a salad at home. Though I didn't steal the recipe from somewhere as I always do, but I found a paper commercial from Fazoli's in my mailbox. I have to admit, it looked quite delicious and tempting.

Next day I went to Walmart to buy some groceries which also included blue cheese, croutons, spinach and lettuce. I had a plan to buy salad dressing too. But it was quite expensive and I was sure to never make salad again very soon. So why bother to waste the money?

So start with basic salad ingredients.

  • Arrange spinach and lettuce at the bottom
  • Add some tomatoes at the top of it
  • Spread some black olives on the top of it
  • Cut the onion into half cut rings and spread over
  • Fry some frozen mushrooms in the non-sticky pan and then spread the fried mixture over
  • Cut any cheese variant in small cubes and spread around 5-6 cubes over salad
  • Even better if you have croutons. They are crispy and seasoned and look good with otherwise bland salad
  • Now as a final touch, top the salad product with your favorite dressing

Although I am sure it's not recommended, but we had leftover chocolate syrup from a cupcake recipe. So I took a liberty to grab it in a cup and pour the mixture over salad. Well, it's ironic to combine chocolate and vegetable salad together. But it enhanced its flavor.

Here are some of the snaps of a final product