Marriage - Leverage or Liability

Marriage - Leverage or Liability

When it comes to Marriage, people have choices. It's a big gamble to play and you have no choice to avoid it. Sooner or later you will fall into this trap setup from ages.

However sometimes when I think about it, this could be good analysis on pros and cons of each state. Well, being bachelor I could say being one is quite lucky since you don't have to bear someone's tantrums and torture. I am happy to let go of other advantages. (If any to be honest)

I will try to make two lists. Being a positive person (At least that is what my friends call me) I will make two lists putting forward pros of each state.

Now it will be easy for you take pros of one state and directly turn them into cons of other state. (I think it will be easy approach rather than have to do pros and cons of each state thus causing redundancy)

Pros of being Married :

  • One "Advantage" everyone will agree. I will not even mention it
  • You get a full time person to share your thoughts and feelings with
  • Those romantic dinner dates without any issue since you're always with your better half
  • New relationships, relatives, friends and full fledged team belonging to your better half which will be on your side too
  • An attempt to impress your spouse thereby improving your presentation and bringing discipline into your life
  • Division of house tasks thereby reducing your load as a bachelor (Like she'll cook and you'll do dishes)
  • If your spouse is earning, you will have more money flowing in the house (I personally like this one)
  • Someone to take care of you without expecting anything back. (Well, not completely true for the sake of argument). For e.g. you fall sick or suffer from work related depression (Possibilities are more that you will suffer from domestic depression), you can actually share your feelings with someone who understands you
  • You get second opinion on most of things. For e.g. dress, job or your overall appearance or say style.
  • If you are lucky and your spouse has some special skills and entrepreneurial abilities, you can even take a break from 9 to 5 job and start a business. (For e.g. Your wife is a designer and you are a developer with some financial backing on both sides)
  • You can take more ad hoc days off since now you're married and this excuse plays well in some workplaces
    (Though you might not necessarily let your other half know about it)
  • If you are lucky enough, your spouse will be logical, intellectual, objective and fair person. You can have endless discussions on sane topics. Just as a group discussion or debate. This is even better than conversation with a stranger. (I am sad to say that I have met only 2 such women who had that level of intellect)
  • You get tax benefits when file your taxes jointly
  • Sometimes you might get a partner who is a complement to you. For e.g. you are an introvert and other person is an extrovert and social animal. It balances things out and let you experience things from other person's perspective
  • Kids - Everyone likes them and people call them angels of God. Well, at least in my country you cannot have kids without getting married first

Enough of pros of being married. Now, don't hasten to get married reading above 15 points. I will now enlist some cons too which will make you fill like never getting married at all

Pros of being Bachelor :

  • You are the king of your own mood
  • You can talk to yourself, without someones noticing and calling you crazy
  • You don't have to make up for forgotten anniversaries, birthdays or other so called special occasions
  • Don't have to deal with frequent idiotic and meaningless tantrums
  • No way you have to deal with frequent visits by in-laws invading your privacy
  • Cook food at your choice. No meddling by other gender. (I am a big foodie and like to cook food by myself without having to listen live instructions by someone else but YouTube professional cooks)
  • Broken sleep schedule. Go to bed when mind says, wake up when feels like it
  • You can be the one you like - I am who I am
  • No fight over TV channel. (Cause you want to watch Football match she wants to watch Saas-Bahu melodrama)
  • Don't have to deal with someone's tears
  • Reduced domestic expenses
  • You can have bed all for yourself
  • No one to lecture you over issues like ethics, responsibilities and common sense
  • You don't have to deal with an illogical person. Those are people who are racist, Trump fan, think 9/11 was inside job, think moon landing never happened and believe in news appearing on The Onion
  • Not having someone else's authority over your personal decisions (I will fight tooth and nail if someone tries to deprive me of those)
  • Don't have to worry about troublesome in-laws
  • Don't have to worry about divorce and/or alimonies
  • You can go to pub, meet ladies, drink as much as you can and come home without fearing anyone
  • Officially you don't have to ask someone for permission before virtually doing 90% of things

That sound great. Now you yourself can decide if you would like to get married of stay bachelor. As people say Grass if always greener on other side, I won't blame you if you want to switch sides. But beware that it might not turn out to be best decision by the end of 6 months

I am so happy with myself right now. You don't know how much I had to struggle to find all pros of being bachelor. I hope you get my point when pros of being bachelor overtake those of getting married. However, choice is yours.

Note: This blog post is written in serious spirit and some of these things come from my own experience. Please do not base your decision solely on this comparison. At some point of time in my life even I will let go of them.

Happy Independence Day