Moving into new apartment

I am writing this blog post while packing and moving my stuff into new apartment. It's been more than 2 years I have been staying at my old apartment and this is more than my average stay at places other than my home.

I am quite excited about this move. New place is quite, sophisticates, looks like people are really civil and respectful. The place is quite big too, so I might start looking for roommates.

Sometime paying higher rent is better than having douchebag roommate. You'll agree with me if you've experience with one!

So I am almost done with packing . I have two big bags plus around 10 boxes where I would be putting my rest of the stuff. It's gonna be challenging for sure. Luckily one of my acquaintance agreed to help me with transportation. But I will be moving all my stuff by myself. I am feeling kinds sentimental leaving this place. But not as sentimental as I felt leaving my previous houses for various reasons.

My friend would be coming over tomorrow morning and will be with me for about an hour. I promised to make it all clear within hour, so I must obey that promise.

There is also big pile of garbage and unwanted stuff in my leaving room which I need to stuff in bag and put in dumpster early morning. Someone said to me that it's quite spooky to move into new apartment on Halloween, but hey, it's Saturday and leasing office is open only on Saturdays, not Sundays so it's completely legit and practical move.

I will keep you updated and wish me best luck with the new place.