Transitioning from F1 to H1B

Transitioning from F1 to H1B

So today - September 30, 2015 marks my last day on F1 student visa. I have been carrying this status since June 26, 2011. Quite a long time huh? Time just flew by even before I realized that it's been 4 years since I kept my foot on the American soil. Things have been more than pleasant in these four years.

USCIS will be switching my status to H1B worker visa beginning tomorrow. That feels great. Now I am officially H1B worker. It's been great meeting new people in this period. Glad to say they have changed me in many good ways in these years.

In my opinion it takes hell of a luck to get nice and friendly roommates and it matters a lot when you're going through an academic phase. I feel kind of relieved to have decent fortune in that department.

I was under constant thought if my application will be picked up in the H1B Lottery. But by God's grace and my family's blessings, it did get picked up in the random lottery process. Though I have received formal approval, I still need to appear for a visa interview next year. Little worried about it, but that too shall pass!

There are very small chances I would switch over to F1 ever again, unless I am going to pursue PhD. (Which I don't see happening possible anytime soon)

Money is an addiction. Once you get used to lofty paycheck once in couple weeks, it's hard to see that going away. I am not completely ruling out the possibility of getting into PhD program, but I am not thinking about it right now. I learned it hard way that it's money that matters at the end of the day. (Which I believe is sadly true)

I have already notified my University about status change which in turn will inform higher authority to update my SEVIS record. Hence, I am quite relaxed in that affair. Hopefully things will go as planned.

Lastly, thanks to US Government, Indiana University, my pears and colleagues for their immense support throughout all these years. It's my family away from the Family.

P.S. It's getting quite cold outside which means winter is almost here. Need to get my winter jacket and gloves out from closet.