New Life in the Boston

New Life in the Boston

So finally I have a feeling that I am settling down in Boston. It's been 2 weeks and still way more things to explore down the road. Having lived in Columbus, Ohio for more than 3 years actually makes me feel Boston is huge city. So many people, diverse cultures, traffic, honking, trains and so many places to hang around.

My new job started right after I left the old one. No time to rest except for a weekend. Great company and great people to work with. It was initially scary to travel by train but after first couple of days I got used to it.

To start with, I start from my apartment in Harbor point on the Bay.

Bus stop is right in front of my apartment, but buses are unreliable sometimes which makes me go directly to the JFK/UMass Station which is 6 minutes walk from the apartment.

JFK/UMass station

Then I catch a train to Alewife which leaves every 10 minutes. After this I have two options.

  1. Go to Downtown crossing and catch Orange line to Back bay/ South end station and walk 7 minutes to my office

Downtown Crossing


Back bay / South end

back bay/south end

  1. Go to Park street and catch green line to Copley which drops me 5 minutes from the office and 6 minutes another walk inside office

My Office building - Copley Square


My office is located in the shopping mall. This is kinda ironic cause looking at the cost of of those items I don't think I am ever going to shop there. Then after entering building I have to take 2 elevators to actually enter my office location.

It usually takes anywhere between 35-45 minutes from the point I leave my house to the point where I reach at my desk.

It's going good so far. I cannot complain and still trying to settle in the new place. Our office is so colorful and cheerful. It's full or creative colors and designs. If you don't like your desk, you can hang around any other place spread throughout the office space.

The only thing I find disappointing is that real estate is too costly. Frankly, I could not find a decent living place below $2000 which is too ridiculous. (I am talking about 1 BHKs/ Studio apartments) Hopefully things will change, but it's not too bad. Good things outweigh bad things by big margin. Cannot believe my previous 2 BHK apartment in Columbus, Ohio cost me just $712 in rent a year before.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I am planning to visit few places in the city. First off I need to make checklist of things to visit and then plan it accordingly. I will keep this blog updated with more things I do in the Boston.