India visit - Packing the bag

India visit - Packing the bag

What is today? A Friday 26th Evening? Gee! I need to start packing my bag. Only things remaining are glow sticks (Meh!) and Ghirardelli chocolates. I have everything ready and lying in my living room. Here is the checklist before I leave the house.

  1. Vacuum the house
  2. Clean the kitchen
  3. Clean the bathroom/toilet
  4. Pack the bag with Chocolates/Gifts/Perfume and random stuff
  5. Pack the duffel bag aka carry on luggage
  6. Clean the kitchen top
  7. Take chapples, shoes and all socks
  8. Separate chocolates among bags depending on whom to give to
  9. Collect all travel documents
  10. Cook food which should be sufficient until Thursday

I came to know on Saturday that I had chocolates waiting in leasing office. They are among significant portion of my chocolate supply to be taken to India. This is the reason I need to postpone packing until Tuesday when leasing office opens.

I had good weekend where I vacuumed the house, cleaned the toilet and bathroom, got rid of unwanted food and cleaned the refrigerator. Cleaning fridge is too time consuming and boring. But you are sure to be fully satisfied once it is done. I also flattened all old mailing boxes and put them into dumpster.

So far so good. Everything is going according to plan. I am very excited to visit India after more than 2 years. Hope India will welcome me with same warmth and enthusiasm.

I will keep you updated on what happens next. Thanks for reading!