Pizza - Cheese and Veggies

Pizza - Cheese and Veggies

Pizza has been my favorite (and mandatory) food ever since I arrived in the United States. Freely available and affordable. (Not really if you want to taste good quality of pizza)

I have been going to a pizza place close to my work. Everything else worked good until temperatures started dipping below subzero and I was forced to bring lunch box.

Things worked fine with Indian food until one day when I thought I've had too much of Indian food. With little research on YouTube to find a good recipe on how to make pizza brought me to Bhavana's Kitchen. At first I tried other few but was quite intrigued by their list of ingredients and procedure.

Difficulties :

  • Making dough at home. It's dirty, ugly and time consuming. You have to buy bunch of ingredients such as all purpose flour, yeast and seasoning. Mix them, spend several minutes making batter and keep it aside for a while until it blooms.

  • Arranging toppings was another thing. You should know which topping combos go well with each other. And then you cannot put all of them at once before putting the dough in the oven. This takes experiments and several attempts to come up with perfect answer

  • Making pizza base is another hassle. You take a bloomed dough and try to spread it in the pan. But dough is super sticky and at least at one point of time you regret for not buying a readymade pizza base. Use needful of all purpose flour if you think dough it too sticky to take off the hands

Thanks to Bhavan's Kitchen for such a fabulous and informative Pizza recipe. As far as my experience goes, everything with pizza recipe remains same except for few choices with topping. Unless of course you want to do more experiments with base. (Like make it more nutrition filled or diet friendly)

Here is the timeline of pizza recipe in the form of pictures

Pizza base covered in the red pizza sauce

Pizza base ready with sauce and necessary toppings

Just baked pizza out of the oven

Ready to eat pizza with shredded carrot topping