Purchased an Apple developer membership

Purchased an Apple developer membership

Today I took one radical decision suddenly. I myself didn't see it coming, but I am happy to have it done.
I purchased an Apple developer membership today.

Though it is worth $99, I am fairly positive it will be worth it

I have been speculating about this decision for quite a few months. Maybe I was hesitant to spend money on it or the fear that my MacBook might be taken away. (It's my company's. So that fear is justifiable). This also made me to procrastinate to polish up apps and get them ready for app store release.

But now, since bullet is fired and membership is purchased, I can urgently start making apps ready for release. I have 3 and half apps ready for shipment. I probably might need some more time to add app store description. But I don't think that should take longer.

One thing I have been procrastinating over was adding Crashlytics support to track crashes and record usage on user end. But I think it is fair to say this stuff is badly needed for app evaluation.

If I feel like app is not being liked or downloaded as much as I expected, there is room for an improvement

I will keep you posted as I make apps ready for release. I will be more than happy to hear feedback from you. If you run into any issues, problems or are looking for additional features, do not hesitate to get back to me.

If you are another web or mobile developer and want to collaborate on app idea in the future, I will be more than happy to do so. Programming is my liking and this is what keeps me busy while I am not working.

Thanks for reading this post and I cannot wait to hear back from you.