Random Xcode Trick

Random Xcode Trick

Despite my regular rantings on Xcode and Apple software, I still love them. In past few years, I have used so many IDEs and trust me, Xcode is one of the best I have seen. However, it has its bad times and tantrums - But it is understandable with its huge size and worldwide popularity.

This is going to be a brief post where I will show you an option that can save you a lot of time.

Suppose you have a project that might throw multiple errors but you don't want to stop compiling at first. There are some cases when Xcode will stop compiling as soon as it hits the first build error. You might not want it to happen every time though!

Open Xcode, go to General tab and beside issues, you will see an option called

Continue Building After Errors - Check this option


When this option is checked, it means if you have a project which has multiple errors will continue building despite build errors. If you still want to count or analyze all of them without having Xcode stop at the first one checking this option is useful.

If you uncheck this box, and Xcode has multiple errors, it will stop right after first compiler error and won't proceed until you continue.

We had a good use-case for using this feature. When we were working on Swift 3.0 conversion, we changed the Swift Language Version under Build Settings to Swift 3.0. After changing it, we wanted to analyze all the errors resulting from this language change. Enabling this option gave us the count of total errors and estimate of how long will take to fix all of them