Rewriting a Minesweeper - Part 4

Welcome to the part 4 of rewriting Minesweeper game. This time I haven't added a lot of features. Just cleaned up some code and fixed minor and rare bugs. Here is the list of things I have done so far with the codebase.

  1. First and foremost, rewrote the logic to get the list of surrounding mines for a given tile. More details can be found on the separate post. tl; dr; Just compressed a method and replaced hardcoded logic with more elegant and clean solution
  2. Fixed constraints which were breaking every time grid was re-created with different grid size
  3. Restructured GameHomePageViewController to pass the related ViewModel during initialization phase
  4. Added app icons

5. Moved tile specific code into MineButton class

6. Replaced hard-coded values with enum constants

7. Added support to reset the game with same or different grid size

Here's the final showdown of code while I am busy playing it,

Video game play in motion
This is it for now. Next time I will move on to write unit tests as game seems to be in better and stable state now. It's kind of surprising to see how in the beginning I thought game was already in the stable position until I started playing it a lot and realized there were definitely several kinks needed to iron out