Sabudana Khichadi

Sabudana recipes are my favorite. Reason being they are easy to prepare. All you need is soak Sabudanas in water for couple of hours. Keep them to try for half n hour. If you don't screw anything so far you are good to make Sabudana Khichadi or Sabudana vada. The truth to be told I screwed up Sabudana last week, a day before my schedule Sabudana Khichadi recipe.

I soaked Sabudanas in water for quite a time. When it was time to take water off, I had incredible idea. I decided to put them in a microwave. (I though microwave generating heat would evaporate all excess water.). But this plan backfired. All my Sabudanas became sticky. They formed a flat plate of all particles. Unfortunately I had to throw the whole mass into trash can.

Fast forward to next day. I had ample time to dry up Sabudanas, so that part was fine. I used chilis, spices and boiled potatoes to make Khichadi. It worked well. 30 Minutes for preparation which includes 20 minutes to boil potatoes. Make sure you boil potatoes cut into pieces otherwise it would not boil well.

I had 3 days breakfast on Khichadi. It was fun. Though don't put it for more than 3 days. Those Sabudanas will get hardened up and so will potato. It won't be fun to chew it then. If you heat, it will be little better. But make sure to finish it off within 3-4 days.

Do try it out and let me know how you like it. You can find the full Sabudana Khichadi Recipe on YouTube. Video explains the recipe in detail. Hope this helps!