Sabudana Wada

Sabudana Wada

This weekend I decided to again make a Sabudana Wada. Last time I made it long time ago. Now I had only few Sabudanas left in the home. I brought potatoes and already had accompanying spices. Making Sabudana wada is not a big deal. Getting good batter consistency is the key element. It's ok if you make a think batter, but if it becomes loose, sabudana is going to break in the frying pan and all the ingredients will get mixed up in the oil causing oily mess which will not only waste the remaining oil but also create problem getting pan cleaned later on

Although if you take my suggestion you can use baking soda, lime juice and vinegar to clean up the excessively oily utensils. Thing is you will have to keep it immersed in the solution for a while to make sure all the oil stains and smell gets removed

Thankfully I already made a sabudana wada several times earlier which mean I didn't really have to spent lot of time for preparation. The thing which bothers me is it's too much oily. When I squeeze the wada, a lot of oil comes out of it - Which is kind of scary. I am not a fat guy, but it still scares the hell out of me.

Finally, here are some of the snaps of dish. They were taken quickly so might not be that good