Sushi Roll

Sushi Roll

Having tried several Indian recipes, now was the time to try something non-indian. Frankly speaking I am not a big fan of american food. Both taste and cooking wise. The reason being food is quite bland for my indian taste buds and anything is too easy to make. There is no magic as such. Bring ingredients, mix them and your product is ready. Not much fun there huh?

Sushi, as it looks like is not that easy to make. Rice part is alright and easy to get through. Real taste begins when you start putting efforts into it.

In order to make sushi rolls, I had to order sushi rolls from Amazon along with wooden spatula and rolling mat made of bamboo. You can find detailed recipe on YouTube channel of Tatyana's Everyday Food

Put sushi roll over wooden mat and evenly spread boiled rice on it with wooden spatula. Now add your favorite stuffing into it. It could be anything ranging from salmon fish, cucumbers, fruits, whip cream or even nuts. Now start rolling the mat so that sushi roll along with rice forms a cylindrical shape. There are two variation to form this shape.

  1. Bamoboo mat - Sushi roll - Rice - This way rice resides inside sushi roll. This is simpler than next way since in this case there is sushi roll outside to support rice filing

  2. Bamboo mat - Rice - Sushi roll - This way sushi roll resides inside rice coating. Unless you have spread rice evenly and it's mixed enough to form layer when you start rolling it will break. So first make sure outer rice layer is firm and tight before you start rolling it.

As video mentions once you roll your sushi in cylindrical shape, cover it with plastic cover and begin cutting it into pieces with sharp knife. This will prevent any stray rice drops from falling through cuts.

Your sushi rolls are now ready to eat. Add soy or stir sauce on the top and serve hot.

Here are some of the results from my first attempt :

Sushi Rolls Snap 1

Sushi Rolls Snap 2

Sushi Rolls Snap 3

Sushi Rolls Snap 4