Writing Blog - Again

I was wondering to write a blog for quite a long time. Seems like that time has come now. At least the fact that I am paying some bucks to maintain this space would motivate me to write meaningful posts.

That was joke, but I am really happy to be back writing blog. I will mostly be writing about my work, side projects, real life experiences and cooking.

Yes, I cook too. At least 3 times a week and mostly on weekends. Though I am fan of worldwide food I usually make Indian cuisines. More on that in upcoming blog posts.

I am an iOS developer for almost 2 years now. Besides that I do web development in my spare time. This includes working on side projects and maintaining old codebase which I worked on while doing Masters.

It's pain to restructure old work. But it's quite mind soothing when you realize you are working towards making something better. It includes PHP, JavaScript, ReactJS, Python and other miscellaneous programming arenas.

The other reason for writing this blog being I always thought of sharing my knowledge with other people who might have ran into similar kind of problems. (I sometimes feel guilty to use community resources and never giving anything back)

Having planned to write at least 2 blog posts per day on an average, I would love to see how that turns out to be. Besides I am very little on face to face talk. So hoping to offset that into writing blog posts.