Tomato soup with Basil

Tomato soup with Basil

Tomato soup is one of the simplest recipes I recently tried my hands on. It does not demand too many exotic ingredients and cooking time is less than an hour too.

As always, this recipe was derived from VahChef YouTube channel. It is pretty straightforward like any other soup recipes. Few tips to remember

  1. Add basil on the top of your soup to give it decent flavor and fragrance
  2. Add corn starch to the soup mixture to thicken it
  3. Serve it with bread or rice. (I usually like to have it with white rice)

The soup I prepared was not quite red as expected. Not sure if I added too much of an onion or tomatoes did not have enough red texture.

I am fairly against adding artificial colors but you can add few drops of edible red color to the mixture if you want to make it look like 'The Tomato Soup'.

As usual, here are some of the snaps of a final product