Travel Scams Information - iOS app

Travel Scams Information - iOS app

Yesterday I started working on an iOS app to provide travelers with travel scams around the world. I already collected most of the information from infographics found on the website. This was quite useful for not only for new travelers, but also for experienced travelers too.

I decide to give it a try to create an app which could present this information to user through an iOS app. I also took cue of some of the online resources plus excellent videos posted on Safety Scouts YouTube channel. These folks were kind enough to allow me to access their videos without any cost.

So, first I decide to write it in Swift, but after innumerable compiler errors even before I really started the project dictated to go back to old school Objective-C (Yeah, it's bad. But I am really under time crunch here. Will surely write my next app with Swift.)

so today is December 22, 2015. My Christmas vacation starts from tomorrow until Sunday. My aim is to finish at least scaffolding by tomorrow night (Or Thursday morning whatsoever time it takes. I can afford to stay awake for as long as I could.). I will keep you updated about my progress on the project and will not forget to notify once app is ready for release or released to the store.

Update :

Here is an update about the app I talked about last week. Finally 4 days of Christmas vacation allowed me to finish an app quickly. Unfortunately using Swift gave me enough headache that I decided to revert back to Objective-C as mentioned earlier.

Finally this is the feature set I added to the final product. (Let me know if I am missing something. Will update it for this release if possible or next one for sure)

App is free and comes with no cost whatsoever. All features all available without having to pay any extra cost.

  1. View travel scams worldwide by types
  2. Ability to view scams grouped by regions
  3. Report your own experience to help other people around the world
  4. Works offline
  5. Completely transparent and worry free operation.
  6. Useful for areas with no network or wifi availability
  7. Share listed frauds with your friends, relatives and colleagues with easy to use interface
  8. Support to share information is offered with Facebook, Twitter and Email

This app is in beta phase. I am continuously improving the product. Any feedback, suggestion, critics or feature requests are welcome! Thanks to for those lovely app icons and launch screen image.

This app is iPhone only for now. I will gauge how it goes for this version, get rid of all logical and functional glitches, improve the design and then get the app ready for an iPad release too.

Before I forget to mention, an interactive part of the app is sample YouTube videos demonstrating scams through an animation. If you could, please follow the Safety Scouts Channel on the YouTube. They were generous enough to allow me to use their content.

Here are some of the images and graphics of the app.

App icon


I grabbed red prohibit icon through Google Images and purchased the background one on the for $1

Launch Screen


And here's the app screenshots. For the demonstration purpose all screenshots were taken on 4.7 Inch (aka iPhone 6) device.

Side Menu


Frauds by Types


Frauds by Regions


Report your experience


And did I tell you? You can also submit the feedback directly through an app.*

*I have setup it in such a way that when an user sends a feedback I get an automated email so that I can work on them quickly