Using Trello for project management

Using Trello for project management

I have been using Trello for more than a year now. It's not a strict project management tool like Asana in my opinion, but it served the purpose while working on personal projects. It helps to keep list of tasks, backlog, timelines and prioritized items in line.

I usually begin with 4 list

  • To do - List of items to do shortly. They are sorted by the importance and priority. Most important item appears on the top of list

  • Doing - List of items which are currently in progress. I try to keep this list as minimal as possible to avoid unwanted distraction. Also, the items which appear on this list belong to same project. This helps to keep things clean and organized

  • Done - List of items which are completed. Do not move item here unless and until it is atomically done, worked and tested thoroughly

  • Postponed/Delayed - Sometimes things do not go as planned. This might be caused by overestimation, fatigue, work load and most importantly procrastination

Needless to say Trello has helped me tremendously in bunch of projects. Sometimes things pop up into my mind which slipped off earlier I get up and added them to respective Trello board. I can them come back and finish them off later. It's really cool, isn't it?

Below is the overview of some my Trello boards.

I was just amazed to see the list how much work got done in the brief period of time.

This is the Trello board I made while working on Uber Coding challenge project. It was fun project to do, sad thing that I could not get that job. But look, I learned something. That's the thing to cherish!

Trello board for Uber coding challenge

Here is another Trello board for an app I have been working on for a while:

Trello board for Chemical Elements App

This is just the small overview of how extensively I am into Trello for project management.

It does not really gets limited to project management but I also add day-to-day activities such as house cleaning, grocery shopping, apartment search and list of procrastinated things to it.

Quite fun huh? What do you think about it?