Why technical recruiting process is broken - 1

It is 10 O'clock and a quite summer night. A perfect time to read the book or go to bed. But no, I am going to write about something I am trying to get off my chest.

4 years ago, when I graduated with masters degree I kept applying to several companies. However, no one wants to recruit freshers. Although by some unknown force, all the people - genius and incompetent began their careers as a fresher. Why does IT industry despise freshers and inexperienced so much?

Prospective employers can go over their curriculum projects, GPA, extra curricular activities, open source contributions or side projects. With few exceptions, I have seen many freshers struggling to get into good companies. Not that they are not good, but it's the stigma and recruiting manager's biased vision hinders their progress.

So, for some people they have to suck it up and accept low quality and meager paying job in the beginning. The job where they might not be happy, could not contribute enough due to lack of motivation and passion and will haunt them for coming years. Not lot of people have luxury to ignore recruiters and keep looking for their dream jobs, thanks to high cost of educational loans.

So, if you are a recruiting manager, recruiters or interviewer accepting new graduates, please keep an open outlook. Don't let go of fresh and eager talent which will have lot to offer for your company. When freshers enter the company, it's your responsibility as a manager, to mentor and bring the best out of them. This is your test as a leader how you treat those new people.

It is quite exciting to see how these so called inexperienced employees have lot to offer to team. These people, when guided and motivated properly will be responsible employees, significant contributor and lead your team to achieve professional and cultural goals.