Winter Delaying my Recipes

Looks like winter had seriously begun in the Columbus, Ohio. It started almost a month late and now here we are. It's lightly snowing and temperature dropped to low 20s. It's not really possible to go out now without thick jacket, snow-shoes and gloves. Unfortunately I lost my winter gloves somewhere last month and I have to spend rest of the winter with my old fashioned leather gloves. I hope not to give my palms a hypothermia.

The one thing that is affected i my life due to winter is inability to go to Indian grocery store Saraga which happens to be 13 miles from my house. In fall and summer it's quite fine to visit it anytime. But don't even think about winter.

I have to carry those bags in hand for few meters plus standing in the chill wind for several minutes. Don't ask what happens in case I miss the bus and wait for another 20 or so minutes for another one.

However, I am hoping that temperatures might get warmer in upcoming days and it will give me a leeway for my visit. I am planning to make as much shopping as possible so as not to go there again until I return back from India visit.

There are lot of Indian food items on my plate (No pun intended) which I am holding off since their ingredients are close to impossible to get in either Walmart, Sam's club or Kroger. Surely you will know about my visit when I put blog posts about murg musallam, paneer kadhai, palak paneer and malai kofta etc. I am also planning to make Gulab jamun and chicken biryani if possible. But will have to wait until cold subsides.

You might ask why don't I go there by car. Well, I don't have one :-P plus I can go by Uber, but that is applicable only in cases of emergencies. I feel like that's more or less waste of money. $40 is not a small amount.

By the way, let's see how it goes. I hope mother nature will be too nice to have too much cold in upcoming days. I am not afraid of snow, but I am really wary of wind chills under sub-zero fahrenheit's. I know I can do better than this.