Your visa is approved!

Appearing for US visa interview always gets on my nerve. Not that I am involved in sham or fake documents, but getting visa rejection has long term effect since now I am kind of settled in states and have bunch of stuff and accounts back there.

Fortunately I've got decent employer and immigration lawyer which made my task easier beyond imagination. I spent considerable amount of time thinking about potential meeting with visa officer, which was worth it since I spent considerable amount of time preparing myself with visa interview preparation.

If you've recently appeared for US visa, you must be aware that there are two steps to get US visa. First, you need to go to OFC center in Bandra-Kurla Complex to get your fingerprints scanned and photographs recorded. This is a quick step. Second, you actually need to go to US consulate to appear before visa officer for actual interview. Second step might take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on total number of people.

In my opinion US consulate is always populated with people willing to get visa. So I don't think there is an ideal day on which you may get less crowd

I was lucky that I had both my interviews scheduled for 9 o'clock, which helped me to get this process done quickly. Both these locations are 5-6 KMs from Bandra (East). I strongly recommend you to catch BEST bus to go there. Rickshaw drivers are scoundrels and would likely to rob you. The reason you're applying for US visa is enough for them to get convinced that you must be uber rich. We were charged 100 Rs. for 5 KMs distance from US consulate to Bandra station. This is ridiculous and does not justify under any circumstances. Bus fare is just 10 Rs. for an adult.

BEST customer support is nice enough to let you know about buses to take to go to respective locations.

For reference, off the top of my head,

OFC Location, Trade Center - Bus no. 310

US Consulate - Bus no. BKC 1, BKC 3

Hope this helps to someone who are not willing to get robbed by rickshaw drivers. Visa officer made my day by approving visa. It was quite smooth process and I give credits to all the parties involved.

I returned home with song on my lips and love in my heart. Now waiting for an email from consulate that would let me know when my passport with visa stamp is ready for pick up.