Making Tri-Color Dhokla

This time I took a break from VahChef's YouTube channel and followed Sanjiv Kapoor's Khana Khajana channel. I bitched quite a bit about Sanjeev Kapoor Khana Khajana channel not as good as VahChef's. But keeping aside all disliking and bias, I am going to follow Zee Khana Khajana Official Channel.

So here it goes on how did I make Tri-color dhokla as instructed in This YouTube video. I won't be listing out ingredients and usual procedure but will put the general tips and tricks I learned while making this item.

Update :

Sadly my Tri-color dhokla recipe didn't go very well. I screwed up this recipe big time. Batter was good but I steamed it for too long which removed all the fluffiness that would have been added to dhokla. That is not the only thing.

I could not prepare green chutney well. It was too dry and tasteless. The third yellow layer of dhokla put on the chutney layer was left completely uncooked. In all it was my one of the worst cooking disaster.

I think part of the problem was I didn't have dhokla steaming pot. I blame this failure mostly on it. Plus my inability to take it off the gas after few minutes of steaming.

Worry not, I will keep cooking. However, I am not going to try another dhokla unless I buy a steamer utensil.

I had to suffer significant waste of Cilantro, chilies, mint leaves, Besan, Urad and Rice flour. I was fortunate to have left sufficient Urad flour to make Dahi vada